There will be more information during 2017 Autum. This is  a very ambitious project, where the target is to create a PaaS energy company, monitoring, operating, managing, billing and using advanced AI, grid blockchain, IoT, edge computing and advanced cloud architectures to optimize and balance power consumption in communities.  Spin-off from Redigen Inc to EVON Energy Inc.

At the moment we are looking for partners, investors and ecovillages who wants to be more intelligent and economic than any community have ever been before and really take the leap to the next level of economic and ecologic usage of renewable energy sources and services.

The village will include also a lot of other intelligent services and the platform will enable any service provider or manufacturer to connect their services or devices into the ecosystem. This will be a open platform with APIs for everyone.

Consumers will get easy service, business will get completely new markets and data sources, energy companies will get a new way to transition from old monolithic business architecture to future mesh business structure.

More information will be updated @ when spin-off is done.

Evon Energy spin-off scheduled to be done in 2017.

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We have started the development of a consumer to consumer rental platform. We want to create a platform with full automation and integration to other systems, which truly enables the consumers to get return of their investments.

Minimum viable product ready in September/2017

Pilot production ready in 2017

First full blown production version ready for summer 2018

Stay tuned ..