4 Crucial Steps to Expanding Your #Startup #Internationally


“Trying to juggle an overseas operation while maintaining your current domestic customer base with a small staff is incredibly difficult, and you likely won’t be able to sustain your growth. Before you decide to expand, make sure you have the financial and structural stability to add staff members who can handle the new influx of work that comes with such growth.”

#Hacking the #GDPR


I belive there will be “GDPR terrorists”, who will try to mess with companies, using GDPR as a weapon. This will be a perfect business-to-business weapon.

Why the #Singularity is certain to happen in my own lifetime, and how it matters (Futurist/Humanist Gerd Leonhard)


“Hardware: quantum computing is making huge leaps and will soon no longer be ‘pie in the sky’. In 10 years, we are likely to see machines that will be 1 Million times as powerful as the average computer we use today, and they will consume a lot less power, as well.”