How can #entrepreneurs #capitalise on #sharing #economy growth? #startups

“Over the past decade, we have witnessed rapid sharing economy growth – an industry that has turned the concept of lending personal assets into a business model.”

One C2C Sharing platform coming up! Next summer you will have the chance to use a new platform with new capabilities! First stage in Finland only, sorry .. 

Stay tuned..


#Microgrid Benefits: Eight Ways a Microgrid Will Improve Your Operation…and the #World #energy #renewableenergy

1. A microgrid improves electric reliability

2. A microgrid enhances resilience/recovery

3. A microgrid can lower energy costs for consumers and businesses

4. A microgrid improves the environment and promotes clean energy

5.  A microgrid strengthens the central grid 

6. A microgrid bolsters cybersecurity 

7. A microgrid brings economic value to society

8. A microgrid improves community well-being

EVON will be in the heart of this! With some advantages not seen anywhere in the world yet.