About me

Jack of all trades, master of some.

CEO/CDO and Founder of Redigen. CEO/COO and Co-Founder of C2C Share, CTO and Co-Founder of Evon.

Technology and Innovation officer for customers.

Insanely interested in technology and business development, walking the extra mile is the baseline.


There is nothing greater than the adventure of life.

I’ve done many things in my life, but after more than 40 years of this adventure, I’ve learned a few important lessons in life.

1. Always, give yourself the chance to be wrong.

2. Just do everything that feels inspiring and fun.

3. The universe is big. Adapt your anger according that.


I believe it’s never wrong to strive for what ever makes you happy. For me, it’s technology, people, feelings, learning and to be on the uncomfortable zone continuously. All the magic happens there.

I have more than 35 years experience of IT, from the late 1980’s onward from professional/work field.

Also 8+ years from the energy sector and security. I’ve traveled a lot and done many things in my life but I still feel like there is just more and more to learn and this is just super, because I love the feeling when I’ve learned something new.

I’m in a wonderland, I know this life is a one time chance and I respect this chance a lot. I try to grow and learn as a human but I never stop having fun while doing that.

Always go and do stuff you have not done yet – that’s where all the fun is 🙂



CEO/Owner @ Redigen Inc.

Building bridges between old business and startups. Helping everyone to navigate in the digital transformation age. Superpowers: find new business you did not know you have and technology solutions. Heart in renewable energy and intelligent life for everyone. B2E (Business to Everyone).

Technical architect @ Helen Inc / Helsingin energia

Storage systems and SAN networks (mostly HP, Hitachi and brocade)
Strong knowledge in HP Proliant and blade-server infrastructure
More than basic knowledge of pretty much all operating systems (Windows, linux, AIX, solaris). Various backup solutions (mostly TSM, HP DP, Commvault, MS DPM). Server virtualization (strong knowledge in hyper-v and vmware, good knowledge in kvm and xen). IP networks and components (including strong knowledge all the way from protocol level). Technical it-security (IDS, IPS, HIDS, AV, Disaster/Recovery).

New business solutions / Digital platform owner.

Technology expert @ NOKIA Inc

Systems specialist @ NOKIA Inc

Operator @ NOKIA Inc