Good night internet and thank you life for beeing so awesome! 

You have to excuse my language, english is not my native language and sure going to write tons of typos when writing this with my phone.

Life is something we all take for granted, forget to appriciate the beauty of life or just can’t reach that magic peak, where you know and feel how amazing and unique opportunity this is. 

Personally it took about 40 years for me to reach the point in life, where I remember and feel extremely blessed for this opportunity almost every day. Still, I forget this way too often. 

I’ve tasted money, experienced fame, success, failures, love, hate, extreme emotions, deaths, births and now I’ve found the combination that feeds my purpose. 

Children, people, real and honest emotions and pursue for a safe and beautiful world, filled with intelligent solutions. There is so much to discover and pursue. 

I feel honest gratitude for every single human beeing I’ve met in my life. All good and bad, every single one have pushed me forward to this moment where I stand today. 

I really love big emotions, the diversity in humans, the endless possibilities we have in our hands today, the magic mental state I’m able to get to when listening to music and the projects I’m involved in for 2017-2020. 

Weird post because high on life 😄

Now, listening to Modern Talking – You’re my heart, you’re my soul, and then I’m going to thank the universe for this day. 

Good night internet.